4 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Photobooth at Your Event

Mdrnluxx Photobooth LLC


Having a photobooth has always been a must have for any event! Photobooths offer so many kinds of unforgettable experiences. As unforgettable as your event will be, having memories to look back on will ensure that your event lives on forever.. The biggest question of all time is ... Do I really need a photobooth for my party? Short answer, is yes! I am going to share with you 4 reasons why you need to rent a photobooth for your next event, wedding, or party.

  1. Brings Guests Together

    Events can become boring if not planned properly. Photobooths are a great ice breaker to help improve the atomosphere and will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves at your party. Your guests will come together at the Photobooth to make some memories at your event, and get to know one another.

  2. Shareable Images

    Amazing digital features that our photobooth has the ability to do are capturing boomerangs, animated GIFs, and Video! All in one booth, which is very convinent if you love all of those features. We also provide prints that are customized to fit your event theme and are awesome to add to your photobooth package because all your guests get to take a memory of your event home! Don't worry if you lose your photostrip while your dancing the macarena. You can find your photo online in our live web gallery. We got you covered!

  3. Takes weight off your shoulders

    As much as this is your event, it is very important that you are able to enjoy your party too! The benefit of renting a photobooth is that there will be a photobooth attendant making sure everything is going well and making sure every picture comes out perfect! Our attendants are there starting from set up, operating the booth, and breaking down the booth at the end of your event.

  4. Creates Unforgettable Memories

    When you book Mdrnluxx Photobooth Co. we custom every little detail from backdrops, filters, custom tap to start screens, LED lights, prints, and more to fit your event's theme. You also get to share your digital photos via text, email, and airdrop to your instagram, facebook, and more! Your event will forever be remebered as it will pop on their memory year after year. So, there is no doubt your event won't be forgotten.